Safar-e-Shadaat Event starts from 21 December

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Safar-e-Shadaat programme organized by Fateh Tv will begin on 21 December from Ropar. This year there was increase in sangat coming to gurdwaras for safar-e-shadaat programme as now people are getting to know the history of chote sahibzade as the film Chaar Sahibzade was based on Sahibazdes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and with this younger generation are becoming familiar with the sacrifises of Sikh guru and now they are respecting the religion and showing more interest to these types of programmes.

In this event different Ragis will do kirtan and kathavachak will do katha and will preach the sangat. This samagum is for 4 days and will end on 24 december in Fatehgarh sahib were the younger pair were martyred together by the Mughals in Sirhind at the tender age of 6 and 9 years old.


This programme is appreciated by many people as they were not aware about the history and now they can also show this samagum to their children and give knowledge to them about chote sahibzades and will also help the younger generation to follow sikhism.


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